Looking for a new workspace in Central London? If you’re already thinking Soho, Shoreditch, Canary Wharf or Camden you may have missed the news about what’s been going on down in Battersea! Not to worry – Unit Management will fill you in on why Battersea is THE place to be if you’re thinking of starting up a business or moving your operation to a new location.

During the 40 years since its famous Art Deco-style Power Station was decommissioned, the area of Battersea has endured a much tougher time than other areas of central London. Even as one of the oldest recorded place names in London, Battersea has had to sit back and watch areas, mostly North of the River such as Canary Wharf, Kensington, Westminster and Hackney receive constant investment and regeneration. Despite laying abandoned for almost half a century, the iconic Power Station’s imposing riverside structure has helped to keep Battersea ‘on the map’ to a certain degree, but businesses in particular have been keen to set up shop north of the river in the aforementioned, ‘trendier’ areas of Central London.

Big Investment, New Beginnings

Thankfully though Battersea has seen its landscape completely transformed in recent years due to an influx of investment. Bolstered by two new Northern Line tube stations, regeneration of the area has turned Battersea into a hive of commercial activity, complimented by high-end residential developments and swanky new retail and leisure locations – most notably the destination-style transformation of the Power Station itself, bringing endless opportunities to Eat, Drink, Work, Shop and Play.

Inside Battersea Power Station – Photo batterseapowerstation.co.uk

In good company

Battersea has now emerged as the top choice for London Investment, driving up its property values in line with northernly neighbours. As a result, some of the biggest names in businesses have started to relocate to the area, all looking to take full advantage of the buzz, excitement and opportunity Battersea has on offer in abundance. Apple, the world’s most valuable company (by market cap), has chosen Battersea for its UK Headquarters. Even the US Embassy has elected Battersea as its new UK home.

Suffice to say, location for a business should never be underestimated. Being part of an area of exciting growth can only enhance a company and be of added value and interest to its customers – both prospective and existing.

If you weren’t already sold, there’s a number of reasons why Battersea should feature heavily towards the top of any shortlist when conducting a search for new workspace or offices.


With countless eateries, retail and leisure spots, Battersea ticks all the boxes when it comes to winding down, refuelling and having fun. Littered with stylish bars, restaurants and coffee shops, Battersea is a great place to entertain clients and holding informal business meetings.


Truly stunning residential developments have been, and continue to be, built across the area. These developments are helping to attract a young and vibrant mix of talent all looking to call Battersea home. With many workers choosing to commute less (or at least not as far), the appeal of the Battersea area draws in professionals from across both south and north of the river thanks to its new Northern Line connections.

CGI of New Mansion Square as part of the Battersea Power Station – Photo batterseapowerstation.co.uk


Outside of the two new stations, there are several well-connected rail links including Battersea Park and Clapham Junction. Every area of Battersea is served by an impressive number of bus routes ferrying passengers in and out from all corners of the capital. Accessibility is key when considering a location for your office, not least for attracting new staff.

Parks & Recreation

Despite the impressive development of the area, Battersea has always benefitted from its picturesque parks and leafy pockets of greenery. The stunning Battersea Park and its wide array of proudly kept gardens, both traditional and sub-tropical offers residents, workers and tourists a calm and tranquil environment away from the buzz of industry and commerce.

The London Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park - Image by Simon
The London Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park – Image by Simon

Nine Elms Park will be approximately 4.5 linear hectares when complete, connecting existing green spaces and adding new landscaping to form a ribbon of greenery and trees. Bird and insect boxes are being installed at every possible location to encourage wildlife to the area. All this adds up to a peaceful and pleasing environment, ideal for an alfresco lunchbreak.

Lavender Hill

Whilst recent developments may sound impressive, we mustn’t forget that Battersea has long been home to a vast number of businesses, from all walks of life, for many years prior to recent regeneration projects.

After the opening of Clapham Junction station in 1863, the area drew in new working-class residents from more overcrowded London districts. Areas such as Lavender Hill, a Victorian street located just south of Battersea Park, were quickly populated with terraced housing and plentiful retail and leisure. With its name derived from the lavender that was once cultivated in nearby market gardens, Lavender Hill is a prime example of areas within Battersea that remained popular with residents and local businesses prior to the recent regeneration.

Home to over 200 shops and restaurants, Lavender Hill serves up cuisine from around the world, so you’ll never be hard pushed to find something new and exciting to grab on your lunch break.

Unit Management @ Battersea Business Centre, Lavender Hill

The advantages of having an office located in Battersea are plentiful. Placing your business in a vibrant and exciting part of central London with seemingly endless possibilities, together with other forward-thinking businesses, can only enable your company to thrive.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, consider making Battersea home to your business and join the buzzing community. Check out our recently refurbished workspace at Battersea Business Centre, Lavender Hill. With a range of purpose-built studio workshops, light industrial workspace, modern offices, street-facing retail units and even professional kitchens, you’ll be sure to discover what all the hype is about.