When running a successful business large or small, excellent communication is an absolute must. It is imperative that your customers, suppliers, business associates and employees can get in touch easily and efficiently.

Businesses have been using landlines for over 100 years, it is a trusted format that continues to work for many companies worldwide and is likely to remain so for many years to come.

The introduction of the smartphone has made it much simpler to communicate in numerous ways including calls, emails and live chat.  In our personal lives, there is a trend in people giving up their landlines and moving over to the mobile phone.

The mobile phone is invaluable to businesses, it is convenient for a sole trader, any travelling businessperson or employees working remotely. It is however a mistake to run your business solely from a mobile phone.

A landline gives the sense of a professional company, it feels like the business is legitimate, established and has credibility. Using just a mobile number makes a business look amateur and not real, it gives potential customers or clients the idea that it may be run out of a bedroom, garage or of no fixed place and therefore not trustworthy.

It must be said that many very successful businesses are run from a home office or lockup, but it is all about perception and image and these are extremely important, having a landline creates a safe and solid impression of a company. The majority of consumers when searching for a service online will choose a business with a landline over just a mobile number.   

There are far more advantages than disadvantages to having a landline.


  • A landline gives your business credibility and makes it appear more trustworthy.
  • When it comes to applying for loans or credit a landline will assist in showing that a business is more established.
  • Using your personal mobile number and having it listed on a website makes you more open to security breaches, telemarketing and scams, as your number is there for all to see.
  • Smartphones are unable to handle numerous calls at once and your business could be missing important calls.


  • The landline needs someone to answer it, this of course adds cost as people cost money.
  • Landlines can be expensive to install and run compared to mobiles.
  • Connecting your landline to an answering phone machine can be frustrating and off-putting for callers.

There are some simple ways to alleviate the negative reasons for having a landline. Consider looking into a digital phone line VoIP which is far cheaper to install and runs without the need for physical connections.

It may seem obvious but employing an answering service is a cost-effective way of answering your calls, not only do you not miss a call but there is the added benefit that a potential client is not put off by having to leave a message on an automated system. The answering service creates the impression of a larger and more established business, without the need to hire a receptionist.

How to future-proof your landline

Technology is changing the landline, there is talk about the “Big analogue switch-off” coming in 2025. This means that landlines will no longer run on the existing copper cable and will become digital, working over a broadband connection.

 These digital systems are already widely used, they work using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). They convert your voice into a digital signal, so it can be sent between computers and other electronic devices. The benefit of this is that your landline number can be used wherever you have your computer or device connected to Wi-Fi. It can be accessed from anywhere giving the freedom of being away from the office but still connected to the “landline”.

A business with a landline is likely to achieve greater success than a business relying only on a mobile phone line. Consumers will continue to want to be able to call a landline for a company, the ability to be able to reach out on a mobile or chat facility can be an added benefit, but the landline is king.

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