If you have just set up your business and have been busy arranging insurance and other essential expenses, there may be one expense you have not considered – a TV Licence.

Most of the homes in the UK have a TV licence but it is important to know the facts when it comes to watching TV in the office.

If you pay for a licence at home, it does not mean you are covered at work. If you or your employees watch or are likely to watch TV on the following devices your business must have a licence, or you may be prosecuted and fined:

  • On a TV.
  • On a mobile phone or tablet connected to the mains.
  • Using a Blu-ray, DVD or video recorder.
  • On a computer or laptop.
  • Using a digital box (Virgin or Sky).
  • Through a games console like Playstation or Xbox.

The TV Licence will permit you, your employees, customers and any visitors or your office to watch the following channels:

  • All TV Channels, including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Dave, international television and any recorded content from live TV.
  • Pay services like Virgin, Sky and BT.
  • Live TV on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and YouTube.
  • All content on BBC iPlayer.

If your business has only one location, the single TV licence for your business will cover you, if you have several offices at different locations, you can purchase a Company Group TV Licence.

When you are watching any of the above channels and are not connected to the mains, this will be covered by your home TV licence.

In theory, each person or visitor who has a home TV licence would be covered in the same way, this situation is almost impossible for a business to police and could result in a fine by the TV Licencing enforcers.

If you or any of your employees do not watch television in the office, it is advisable to contact TV Licencing to declare that you do not broadcast or watch TV on the premises.

If you have an office in a shared multi-company office building, it is necessary for you to possess an individual licence for your office.

What is the cost of the TV Licence?

A single business on one premises will pay £169.50 for a TV Licence. If the business has multiple sites, it will need to purchase a Company Group TV Licence the cost of which will depend on the type of business it is and if any concessions are applicable, get in touch with the TV Licencing organisation to find out more.

What happens if I break the law?

A TV Licence Officer is likely to visit unannounced if there is no record of a licence being at the premises. If you or your employees are found to be watching, recording or downloading TV without a licence or you have equipment set up to receive TV your company could be prosecuted.

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