Over recent years, predominantly owing to the pandemic a lot of people have found that their working lives have changed drastically. Part of this change was the move to working from home, some companies have adopted this way of working as a permanent measure. However, many businesses are now calling their workforce back into the office as they consider working as a team, in the same place, adds to productivity and promotes good mental health.

As the temperatures plummet and the cost of living remains high many people are feeling the cold and worrying about utility bills. Working from home can be very costly, you are using your heating, electricity and facilities 24/7.

When working from home during the colder months it is often necessary to have some form of heating, as remaining stationary in front of a screen without warmth can be uncomfortable, making your hands and body stiff. When you are cold, your thought process slows down, leading to a decrease in productivity as you become sluggish and tired. If you choose to turn up the heat in your home the stress about the bills can lead to poor mental health which will no doubt affect your work.

So, what is the solution and how is it possible to cut costs by renting office space?

There are many types of offices that can be rented from standard offices, co-working space or hot desking. It doesn’t matter if you are a one, two or fifty-person business there is the perfect option for you.  You can choose an office with easy commuter links and take advantage of the facilities on hand being heat, electricity and water. Weighing the benefits up you may be surprised that the cost compared to your bills at home can make it a worthwhile switch.

Energy Bills

Everyone is talking about home energy bills, working from home can add considerably to your costs. Even if you live with others, every person in a household adds to the energy costs. Being out at work 10 hours a day, especially if you live alone, can make a huge saving on heat, electricity and water bills.

Office Perks

Many offices have facilities that are included in the price of the rental. The use of kitchens that have kettles for those 8 cups of coffee a day, boiling the kettle at home that many times really pushes up your electricity usage. High-speed wi-fi is often available either included or at a reduced cost. Unplugging your router and any other equipment at home will save costs, but leaving everything on standby still uses energy. Some offices provide gyms and showers, saving on gym memberships and home showers.

As a business owner or manager, how does this benefit me?

Renting an office for your team can be very rewarding in many ways. Having your team in one space is always a good thing, brainstorming and bouncing ideas off each other adds to productivity and improves mindsets. Having a designated office for your business also makes it appear more trusted and dependable in the eyes of your customers or clients. Renting an office for any business is tax deductible so this is a definite plus.

An office gives your employees a sense of belonging and will help build good working relationships within your business. Taking away the financial burden of working from home will improve your workers’ mental well-being, leading to healthier and happier individuals who will help to make your business thrive.

As a business owner having your office and home as separate places has many advantages. It gives you clear boundaries on your working day allowing you to shut the door and give yourself a better work/life balance. As a sole trader, you can run your business from home, but you can only avoid business rates if you are only using perhaps one bedroom as an office. You can take a small proportion of your home running costs and put that into your expenses to pay less tax, working out the figures can however be troublesome.

If you are a business owner and looking to move into an affordable office or light industrial space, now is the perfect time to take that step. Unit Management have been providing sensibly priced office space across South West London and Surrey for over 50 years. Our vision remains as it was at our inception, that a business should not be limited by the lack of affordable or functional workspace.

Get in touch with Unit Management to find the new home for your business, we have centres featuring workspace ranging from 100 sq.ft up to 2,500 sq.ft. The options available include offices, light industrial units, storage areas and meeting rooms. Some even include a gym on site.