The world of business changed considerably following the pandemic, and you could be forgiven for thinking that the days of the traditional office or workspace are well and truly over, however, you could not be more wrong.

The digital advancements in technology have been immense over the past few years making it possible for many employees across the UK to work from home. There has however been a significant shift in the thinking of many businesses large and small, who are now insisting that their employees return to the office and reengage with one another.

Statistics show that 75% of workers prefer to work in an office environment rather than at home. UML have examined the benefits of working in the office compared to remote working, and the reality is that people need people and that is why the traditional office will continue to thrive in popularity.


Many businesses operate from home successfully, but a company working out of a home office or bedroom will not be taken as seriously as a business with a professional address. When it comes to sales, many customers are put off by a company with no address, they are worried that the business may not be genuine or trustworthy and will not fulfil its contract. Consumers like to know where they can make contact if there is a problem.

In the event of client meetings, face-to-face in the office or a meeting room is always preferable to a public meeting place, it brings a sense of professionalism to your business.


When working from home, an employee is more likely to be exposed to cyber-attacks or fraud as they may be working on a less secure network than an office.

When running your business from home giving out any personal information like your address on a website can lead to unwanted callers at your door, assuming the address is an office.


An employee who comes into the office is present for the entire day, they are not doing random tasks in their home or being distracted by home-related activities, like family and pets.

Employees in the same workplace can engage with each other in person; this can increase productivity and lead to new and exciting ideas to promote business.

When working alone, everyone can experience lazy and unproductive days. In the workplace, the energy and enthusiasm of one team member can sometimes contribute to the motivation of others.

Morale & Relationships

We all know how important mental well-being is and happy employees are essential to the success of any business. Working from home can be isolating, work friendships are unlikely to flourish remotely, and loneliness can lead to depression. Work colleague relationships are important at any age but in the young they are essential.


Training is essential in every job, and working together in a workspace adds to that training and learning. New employees can learn so much from their more experienced colleagues, which can only be beneficial to a business.


The importance of communication in a business cannot be underestimated. Communicating remotely can be time-consuming and not always clear.  Body language can also speak volumes and that is impossible to interpret online.

Although hybrid working is likely to continue in many businesses, the traditional office space is an important factor in the development and success of a business.

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