Team meetings can be the backbone of a business, they create unity and if put together in an interesting and informative way can increase the efficiency and productivity of your company.

Most people have experienced that meeting where everyone seems to be trying to stay awake, and the whole exercise appears to be a total waste of time. With the communication capabilities of email, it is more important than ever to make good use of time and add value to the business meeting.

When you set up your team meeting, you need to ensure that you have great content that will engage the participants. Think about what you want to achieve and how you will fire up your teams’ interest. That business meeting needs to produce excellent results for everyone.

There are several key points to consider when arranging a business meeting:

 Do you need a meeting?

There must be a good reason for getting your team together. Companies are busy and time is valuable, the content of a meeting should enhance not distract from the business.

Who needs to attend

Depending upon the reason for the meeting, the whole team may not be needed. Perhaps the subject matter does not relate to their job. Filling the room is unnecessary, it is only important that the key players are present for any relevant discussions.

Create a schedule or agenda

Giving the participants a schedule in advance will allow them to prepare what thoughts or ideas they wish to bring to the table. This can save time at the start of the meeting as everyone will know why they are there.

Day & time

Research has established that the most productive time for a business meeting is in the morning between 10am – 12pm. Earlier and later in the day and your participants may get sluggish.  It is also well-documented that productivity falls off later in the week, which is worth considering when setting your date.

Length of meeting

Although it is often impossible to gauge exactly how long a meeting may take, it is advisable to make of rough judgement on time. If it is likely to be several hours or a whole day, be sure to arrange breaks and refreshments. People tend to flag if things go on too long without breaks. Always provide water during the meeting.


Technology can play a big part in the meeting room of today. There is the possibility of participants using laptops in the room or joining the discussion remotely from another location. It is therefore essential that there is adequate Wi-Fi for this purpose. Another consideration may be the need for a flat-screen TV to show added media content.


Lighting in a meeting room is more important than you would think. If the lighting is too low or too harsh participants can lose concentration and become sleepy. The room needs to be well-lit, natural lighting is a definite bonus.

Set the scene

Preparing the room for the meeting will help everything run smoothly. Ensure there are enough comfortable chairs. Get any tech set up and tested. Print relevant paperwork and be sure to have all your information on hand. Do you need a whiteboard or flipcharts?  Be sure that the refreshments are on hand. All this can save time and stress during the meeting.

Hopefully, these points will help boost the benefits and productivity of your company’s business meetings.

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