As a business owner, it is important to assess your overheads regularly and do everything you can to get the best value workspace for your requirements. A change can be just what your business needs to kick-start its way into the new year.

Businesses evolve over time; a lot of people are returning to the office after working from home for the last couple of years. A few have adopted hybrid working permanently, leading to some businesses needing smaller offices with fewer desks. Many entrepreneurs set up businesses during the pandemic and feel ready to take the next step by renting office space, allowing their ideas to  grow and their enterprises to become more than just a spare bedroom concern.

Choosing the right office or workspace for your business takes a lot of thought and planning. Any move you make needs to be streamlined and well-coordinated, so you don’t have to worry about not being ready to trade from day one.

Finding the perfect workspace

The first step is to decide what your company needs in a workspace, how many desks, will you have clients coming for meetings, if so, a shared meeting room is often available in rented office buildings. Perhaps you require a light industrial space if you are in supply or manufacturing.

Do u need to be in the centre of a city or town or would a suburb suit you more, the days of having to be in central London to be relevant have long gone, and now you can choose to be where it works for you.

Commuting should be taken into consideration; links can be important when it comes to clients visiting or taking on employees. If you go for a location that is easily accessible but out of the centre, it can be cheaper to rent an office.

There are many areas in outer London and Surrey that have been regenerated and are buzzing new business communities with great restaurants, coffee shops and outside spaces that are not as hectic as the centre of London but have a positive modern vibe.

Check out the facilities that are included in any rented office you view, such as broadband and kitchen facilities. Some office buildings include extra facilities like a gym and shower room, a great incentive for any future employees.    

So now you have found your new workspace it’s time to get all your ducks lined up and move onto the planning stage.  


If you work in a team, it may be best to appoint a well organised move coordinator. Having a reliable person in charge that can delegate will ensure nothing gets forgotten. If you work alone, you must plan every detail, lists and spreadsheets are the way to go.

The points to remember when planning your move should include:

  • When is the best time for a move, avoiding the busiest time when perhaps your business is mid project. Choosing a quieter week will make the whole process less stressful.
  • Set a realistic deadline that everything must be done by.
  • Working with a calendar consider all that is required leading up to the move. Notifying clients or customers, suppliers and any services that should know you are moving.
  • Do you require updated headed paper or business card with the new address details.
  • Make to do lists, ticking off as you go. Making lists will avoid sleepless nights or missing something crucial.
  • If you have appointed a move coordinator they could allocate relevant moving jobs, list what is required and enter the details on the calendar, so everyone has a clear picture of the plan.
  • It imperative that you keep on top of current jobs, if you have a few employees having a designated person to just deal with your customers and not the move will keep your customers happy.
  • If your move involves teamwork be sure that everyone has a copy of the calendar and inform them that they should keep it updated when jobs are completed.
  • Do you need any supplies or furniture for your new office, a rented office may be furnished but does it have everything you require.

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