During the pandemic everyone’s lives changed in many ways. The working model of the office for many companies and organisations changed drastically. 3 years on and the ‘traditional’ way of working is yet to return. Many businesses were forced into remote working, meaning staff stayed at home and only connected with colleagues, customers and other businesses via computer links.

WFM FTW! (Working from home, for the win!)

There appeared to be many advantages to working from home:
‘I don’t have to get up so early’.
‘I can avoid the grind of the daily commute’.
‘I can spend more time with my loved ones’.
I have more control over my working hours.’
‘I don’t even have to put trousers on!’

It may be great staying at home and not worrying about putting on ‘decent’ clothes or having to worry about your appearance. However, making an effort to look business like and professional can make a huge difference mentally – dressing well is a proven way to boost confidence, enabling you to feel at the top of your game. 

At home there can be many distractions, the demands of a family. The odd jobs that always seem to shout at you and of course general house chores. All these can eat into your working day, breaking your concentration and making projects take longer to complete than you would have hoped. An office-based life makes it easier to stay in ‘the zone’ therefore making you more productive overall.


Offices keep home life and work life separate. The office provides a dedicated place of work, which can be left at the end of the day both physically and mentally. Although the commute is sometimes off putting, it is a fact that people working from home are putting in more hours than they would in an office, purely because the door never closes. Leaving the office can help leave the stress behind.

Mental Health

Working from home can be lonely, it can increase anxiety and feel isolating. Mental health has been at a low point nationally since the lock down and people not mixing was a big part of that. People need people, they need interaction and working with others can be uplifting.


An office space provides a solid perception of your brand. Employees, clients and visitor can experience the company brand. A strong company brand inevitably increases business and success.

An office can be the strategic and social glue of a business, complete remote working can make a company appear fragmented, giving the impression that no one knows what anyone else is doing.


Offices play a vital role in productivity and wellbeing, creating an atmosphere for collective collaboration. Communication is of course easy within an office space and bouncing around ideas comes naturally when you are face to face. Being able to read moods and emotions when working together will increase harmony within a workforce.

Working alongside colleagues can aid personal development, productivity and increase overall happiness.

Team Bonding

Office culture has a huge impact of peoples work lives and can make them more engaged and passionate about their position. A business is only as strong as the people it employs. An actual physical office has an enormous influence on a company’s reputation, and how it attracts and nurtures talent.

Being with others within an office also helps with learning, having managers or colleagues present who are available for advice or ideas makes professional development far more streamlined.

Working from home is essentially very solitary. Even if you work alone or with only one or two others in your office you will no doubt meet others on your commute or within your building, this all adds to feeling like you are part of the big wide world.

Many professional relationships in the workplace become personal friendships. These relationships are difficult if not impossible to forge remotely. Work friends provide support at times when family and close friends are perhaps too close to a problem. It is a fact that work friends are integral to overall happiness. Spending time with others improves cognitive skills, builds trust and assists camaraderie. Colleagues working together form a much stronger bond which can only benefit a thriving business.

Friendships are particularly important for the younger generation entering the workforce for the first time, the people they meet early in their work life often turn into lifelong friends.


Offices play a vital role in boosting local economies, footfall dropped tremendously during the lockdown and it has taken some time to recover as companies start migrating back to the office. And let’s face it there is nothing more fabulous than that delicious cup of coffee from your favourite coffee shop on the way into work in the morning!

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